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Donna Steiner’s writing has been published in literary journals including The Sun, Fourth River, Radar Poetry, Under the Gum Tree, Brevity, River Teeth, Fourth Genre, and Stone Canoe. Since 1999, when she received an MFA from the University of Arizona, her writing has been recognized with awards and grants, including the Annie Dillard Award for Nonfiction, the essay award from Under the Gum Tree, and a Nonfiction Fellowship from the New York State Foundation for the Arts. Her manuscripts, Advice for New Insomniacs (poetry), Lost and Found in Ocean County (nonfiction) and Salt Lines (poetry) have been finalists in national contests and are currently under consideration on the manuscript contest circuit. She is working on a collection of micro-narratives, and is creating art using ink, clayboard and unglazed tiles. She teaches in the creative writing program at the State University of New York in Oswego. A chapbook, Elements, was released by Sweet Publications.

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