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Lost and Found in Ocean County, New Jersey

Lost and Found in Ocean County, New Jersey won the Tolsun Books chapbook contest in 2020. Three short essays and one longer piece -- the prize-winning "A Map in Five Parts" -- investigate themes of intimacy, witness and what it means to be lost and found. Kimi Eisele, author of The Lightest Object in the Universe, wrote "Donna Steiner's [chapbook] is a tiny atlas of exquisite sentences. Traversing childhood memory, she leads us into special places -- the laundry room, church, a grandmother's bedroom -- and shows us where quiet intimacy and sweet irreverence reside."

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Elements, a hand-bound chapbook issued in limited edition by Sweet Publications, is available through Kindle editions.* This small, beautiful book includes the prize-winning essay "Sleeping with Alcohol" and four other full-length pieces. Beth Alvarado, author of Anxious Attachments, wrote "Donna Steiner's ink on paper is exquisite. Whether she is writing about wind, sleepless nights, or an unknown caller, she notes nuances and connections most of us miss."  (*There is a small stock of this chapbook available to educators -- contact the author directly.)

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